Whether it’s your first home or you are an old hand, a home inspection helps find those things only a pro can see.

Our inspections take us from the roof to the basement, and all the systems in between.  We date the items that are important to you such as the HVAC, the water heater, and all appliances staying with the home.

Our inspections come with an energy report that helps you see what it will cost you to run the home for a year as well as suggested ways to bring those costs down.

In the Rocky Mountain Region RADON is a fact of life.  Is the home you are looking at within EPA Guidelines?  We can test for RADON and the results will be provided to you online 72 hours after starting the test.  Our monitors are certified for real estate transactions and are tamper proof.  (more about RADON)

We can also test the home for mold using air samples or other collection methods best suited for your situation.  These tests take 48 – 72 hours to process, so plan accordingly.